The CRT Story

CRT was founded in 1979 to provide top quality manufacturing under one roof. They quickly became known as a one-stop-shop for handling the manufacturing of vinyl records, cassette duplication and printing for the music industry. Through the years to follow, CRT continued to develop strong customer relationships and a reputation for being on top of industry trends.

In 1987, they showed their keen understanding of successful cutting-edge technology by starting to manufacture a new format known as the compact disc. The years that followed provided even more opportunities for CRT to demonstrate their devotion to quality, dedication to customers and sharp ability to recognize the latest industry trends.

In 1991, CRT expanded its manufacturing capabilities by building and moving into a 50,000 square foot facility. This enabled them to further grow in their prepress, printing, die-cutting, gluing and packaging capabilities by purchasing the latest technology and equipment to meet the needs of their customers.

With another decade of success behind them, CRT added CAD design capabilities in 2001. This innovation allowed them to provide customized products to meet their customers unique needs. At the same time, they launched a line of turned edge products which quickly became one of their most popular product lines.

In 2003, CRT made two more changes that provided more services to their customers and a great leap forward in printing quality. Their next opportunity for expansion was realized when they began providing warehousing, mailing, and fulfillment for their customers. During the same year they also introduced direct-to-plate technology. Completely doing away with the old film stripping technique.

In 2007, CRT more than doubled the size of the 50,000 square foot facility to 110,000 square feet. This major expansion has allowed them to accommodate the rapid growth in their customer base, and the need for more fulfillment, packaging, mailing and warehousing solutions.

In 2010, CRT extended a helping hand to local competitors that suffered catastrophic damage in the 1000 year Nashville floods. CRT helped them print and ship their jobs so that they could keep their doors open while renovating their facilities.

With three decades of success behind them, In 2011, CRT introduced short run digital printing into its workflow with the purchase of a Xerox Color 800 digital press, expanding their customers’ printing options. CRT’s digital printing services have been a great success, and the press runs non-stop.

In 2014, CRT noticed a warehousing, fulfillment and distribution need for burgeoning eCommerce/mCommerce businesses, so they added ShipWorks shipping software and SkuVault warehouse management software that integrates most industry standard eCommerce/mCommerce storefronts into our workflow - Freeing up the time that their clients spent receiving and shipping their orders and giving them more time to market and sell their products.

Today, the company that began in a three room office suite in Nashville's music row area has expanded to offer prepress, printing, bindery, packaging, turned edge, replication and duplication, warehousing fulfillment and mailing solutions for not only their music and software companies, but for many other commercial type accounts. They are constantly keeping abreast to the changing needs in this industry and others, and are your one-stop-shop for all of your printing, packaging, manufacturing, bindery, warehousing, fulfillment and distribution needs.

CRT, Custom Products, Inc. - Your all-in-one custom products solution!


CRT, Custom Products, Inc. is dedicated to the manufacture of high quality products with superior performance. To the best of our ability, we will provide total customer satisfaction in quality, cost effective product and service.


  •    Establish partnerships with our customers and suppliers

  •    Promote team concepts and strive for continuous improvement in all areas of our buiness

  •    Deliver our products on time, every time, in conformance with customer expectations

  •    Recognize our employees as our most valuable assets

  •    Maintain a safe and clean work environment - We believe in and promote EPA rules and regulations

  •    Be flexible and adaptable to a changing business environment and recognize that change is an inherent and integral part of our growth and development

Truth, honesty and integrity will be the framework of our endeavors

CRT’s values will not allow the manufacturing of any products that contains vulgar language, nudity, explicit violence, anti-American, anti-religious or satanic themes, or that promotes the use of drugs or alcohol or that contains any material that may be construed, either in or out of context, as objectionable, obscene or pornographic. Any project submitted for manufacturing that does not conform to this policy will be returned.


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